Why is Growth in Recovery So Challenging?

Why is Growth in Recovery So Challenging?

Attitudes toward growth in sobriety shift for people over time. Early on, they are seeking opportunities to grow at a rapid pace, constantly evolving into who they want to become. Eventually, this starts to slow down and they process who they are now and begin to see things differently. What was once a burden is now a fun experience. Recovery can be enjoyable, but it also comes with growing pains. Find out why this is challenging and how to navigate it with a positive attitude. 

Finding Pride

It may feel hard to think about being prideful over an experience that seems filled with shame and regret. Addiction is nothing to be ashamed of, it is merely in the past. Something that has been dealt with in the past does not have to follow people into the future. It is better if there is less anxiety, fear of failure, and worry dragging behind a person in recovery. That baggage may bring up anxious feelings that cause a relapse. Addiction is less about what the drug is and more about the person’s relationship with the drug. When leaving it behind, that relationship is gone. It is a time to mourn (the good, bad, and ugly)

Hope for Tomorrow

Getting a set routine is helpful for people in recovery. One of the challenges for people who want to grow is not having a set routine that helps them focus on goals. Growth can feel harder when trying to pull it out of thin air. It happens when boundaries are set, the best practices being conducted, and a way of life is being established. The model works better for some than others. To find hope and strength means to set up a routine that helps people navigate recovery well:

  • Set an alarm in the morning
  • Practice meditation or something spiritual
  • Set aside practices to get through triggering thoughts

New routines take time to establish. The old routine of drinking before bed, upon waking, or any other type of routine is gone. Think about ways to drink water, juice or tea that is soothing before bed or first thing. Hanging onto old thoughts about how it ‘used to be’ can just keep dragging recovery into the past, rather than moving forward. Stepping away from the habits can get people safely through sobriety but it requires a strength to face adversity and continue growing in spite of the challenges. The joy and journey of recovery are finding hope even in the midst of the challenging circumstances which provide fuel for the fire that keeps it all moving forward. 

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