Why is Self Reflection Important in Recovery?

Why is Self Reflection Important in Recovery?

The whole idea of self reflection in recovery is focused on the idea that when we reflect on our lives with addiction at the fore, we see things differently. From this lens in recovery, we start to see where things went wrong, how our mindset shaped certain behaviors, and why we got ourselves into trouble the way we did for so long. It also highlights how far we have come and the fact that recovery is really just a journey of discovery to find out who we are now on the other side and come to a personal agreement within ourselves that we can heal when we give ourselves the chance.

Addiction and Reflection

Becoming trapped in addiction is the result of not being able to combat all the negative things in a person’s life that keep them stuck. This may be mindset, habits, past trauma, mental health issues, and other things that addiction causes in a person’s life. There is a desire to use the substances paired with the possibility that substance abuse is at fault. Some would claim if a person were able to self reflect properly they might be able to finally break free of addiction, but it is also a disease of the mind that gets trapped, routing toxic chemicals through its system over and over again.  The reason people need to turn inward and look at their behavior in recovery is so they can heal the wounds and start to process all the experiences they have had in order to move forward with recovery. This includes:

  • Releasing old beliefs and opinions that might lead to suffering
  • Look for potential dangers of relapse
  • Focus on gratitude and contentment
  • Seek opportunities for forgiveness
  • Learn to communicate thoughts and feelings openly with loved ones

Tips for Self Reflection

When working on self reflection, it helps to try some things on for size. For example, it can be helpful to learn the reason why you became addicted to drugs and substances in the first place. Even if you think you know, there may be other reasons you never considered before. Some ways to reflect on this and other areas of concern in recovery can be done by:

  • Doing creative art projects
  • Keeping a daily journal to keep thoughts and experiences
  • Learning to meditate to focus inwardly
  • Doing mindfulness or yoga practices
  • Devote time to self reflection each day
  • Be honest with yourself and commit to letting go of what isn’t working

There are many ways to engage in self reflection. The most important one is to focus on how you feel about yourself here and now in recovery. You are your own person and you have ideas, thoughts, and goals to accomplish. Think about what you want and why, then decide how you want to get there from here. Self reflection can be a key mechanism to finding your new purpose in recovery, away from substances, towards hope and healing.

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