Why Science Suggests You Need Chocolate in Early Alcohol Addiction Treatment

When you are in early recovery, the best thing you can do is eat some chocolate. Sounds great, but why this is recommended rests solely on this: it curbs cravings. Eating chocolate is helpful because of the chemical compounds contained within chocolate. Learn more about why chocolate can help you in early addiction treatment and how to reap the rewards.

Alkaloids and Addiction

Chocolate contains a variety of alkaloids linked to alcoholism, so by eating chocolate, people with alcoholism can get the same substances from chocolate without the side effects. It is further hypothesized that people with alcoholism as an addiction can get addicted to chocolate, even if that may be more wishful thinking than anything else.  Scientists like to argue that chocolate contains pharmacologically significant amounts of theobromine, phenylethylamine, tryptophan, and andandamide, which can be addictive.


Phenylethylamine is a stimulant found in chocolate in small doses. The molecular structure is similar to amphetamine, which induces an elevated mood. It is not known whether this substance actually reaches the brain after passing through the stomach. Another biochemical, tryptophan, is an essential amino acid, which is involved in production of serotonin, a neurotransmitter. This causes people to feel calm and satisfied. There are plenty of other food sources which contain tryptophan.
Anandamide acts similar to marijuana in producing an ‘emotional high’ by binding to THC receptors in the brain. Like phenylethylamine, stomach acids probably destroy it before it manages to reach the brain’s THC receptors to trigger happiness. Based on this information, it is argued these foods are not addictive and thus chocolate is not, either. Chocolate lovers may enjoy some nibbles of the tasty treat but it will not necessarily produce any addictive properties or extreme sensations other than feeling gleeful about having eaten it. Chocolate’s appeal is mainly the sugar and fat contained within. This does not address how chocolate and substances can relieve cravings for alcohol but at least gives a sense that chocolate can be a nice stand-in for more addictive substances when triggers hit. Meanwhile, take a bite of that piece of chocolate and enjoy it-you deserve a nice break from all that work you are doing in recovery.

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