Why Self-Care is So Important for the Healing Journey

Why Self-Care is So Important for the Healing Journey

Learning how to live in recovery is something everyone has to discover on their own. Even when they feel like they might have it figured out, the work of recovery has so much more to offer. Self-care is part of the crucial journey. Self-awareness is important when assessing how to best take care of yourself during those crucial first weeks in recovery. 

How to Develop Self-Care

Maintaining recovery means taking in lessons and learning from them. Self-care should be focused on the person themselves and moving forward slowly in recovery by learning to take care of their own needs. A self-care journey may include:

  • Connecting with others in recovery who form a community of support for emotional stability and growth
  • Healthy eating habits: eating fruits and veggies that include greens and provide essential vitamins and nutrients makes a huge difference in mental and physical health
  • Spirituality: however a person looks at it, prayer and meditation can be important to look at life through the lens of how a higher power is at work. Whether it is saying a mantra daily or practicing spirituality and religion, people need to find something outside themselves to focus on in recovery
  • Volunteering: giving back to the recovery community or community at large can be helpful when trying to get outside yourself and think about caring for others. Sometimes the best self-care is found in caring for others

Why it Matters

When you think about self-care, you will need to nurture your relationships and learn to spend time with people differently than ever before. Those in your inner circle are important to you. They make you a better person and help you cultivate gratitude. When you cultivate gratitude, you are opening yourself to finding the small things in life that make it all worthwhile. This can be healing for the journey of discovery. Nature also balances people out and helps them feel connected to a higher power. Self-care matters because it is the missing ingredient you did not have while under addiction, but now is the time to learn to cultivate this important missing piece. Recovery is about the journey. There is no end to what you can learn in recovery. If you feel you let someone down, worry more about yourself than others. If you are prepared to go on the recovery journey with self-care at the helm, you will have a great journey forward. 

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