Why Should I Keep My Body Hydrated?

Why Should I Keep My Body Hydrated?

Water is important for the body as it is largely made up of water already. Other drinks like caffeine can dry out your body and cause you to feel dehydrated. The body needs more water in detox, withdrawal, and recovery so you can function at a more optimal level. Learn more about why you should keep your body hydrated and how to do this properly.

Detox Aide

Drinking water is a great way to combat negative effects in detox. The body is flushed of toxins in the system, along with sweating and perspiration. Electrolytes are key to balancing the body out. Proper hydration and nutrition give the body the tools it needs to be efficient and more able to heal on its own. Withdrawal cravings and triggers may be intense, along with toxic build-up that is released from the system. Drinking water keeps your head and body clear of some of the mental fogginess of detoxing.

Staying Hydrated

For a man, they typically are supposed to drink one gallon of water per day. Women should drink 12 cups of water. If you are dehydrated in recovery, you may need additional water but need to be mindful of water toxicity from drinking too much all at once. Some good ways to stay hydrated in recovery include:

  • Keeping soup, juices, and other foods high in water in your diet
  • Avoid any drinks that dehydrate you with caffeine
  • Increase water intake during exercise or other activities like hiking or walking
  • Keep water bottles around no matter where you go so you can drink from any place you go
  • Flavored waters are ok if naturally flavored but watch out for added sugars in some drinks

The feeling of dehydration is common in detox and recovery. If you are struggling to feel hydrated, make sure you are eating properly and getting healthy amounts of food in your system. The key to seeking help for addiction is to recognize your own needs in recovery and take what you need from treatment that helps your journey. Make sure to speak to someone about how to stay hydrated and get help for nutrition if you are struggling to eat properly, which provides hydration with the right foods.


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