Why Should I Work Out in Recovery?

Why Should I Work Out in Recovery?

Addiction recovery is not easy for people who experience it, nor is it easy for family members and loved ones watching them go through the challenges. One of the ways to keep the mind and body on track in recovery is to work out and exercise. In many ways, fitness can help maximize health benefits. Working out is also good for the spirit.

Recovery Benefits

Fitness in recovery is a great way to combat the negative effects you might feel. While you detox, your body is working out the toxins as withdrawal symptoms kick up. It can leave you feeling overwhelmed and stressed trying to cope with recovery while this is going on. Depending on your support system and treatment program, you may be incorporating work outs into the regimen or taking it easy to avoid overdoing it. However you decide to work out, it is critical you seek some form of stress relief.

Fitness Forms

If you are looking to work out for health in recovery, there are some benefits to doing certain types of exercise. Exercises which are not hard on the body but are more restorative are typically more beneficial. These exercises may include:

  • Yoga or meditation: great for the body, but also the mind. When you try different types of yoga or meditation, you can likely find the one that’s right for you. It helps you clear the mind, rid the body of toxins, and support stress relief
  • Nature: getting outside is one of the environment’s gifts to us that we don’t tap into nearly as much as necessary. Being in the woods, hiking, and going outside for exercise can really be beneficial to mind, body, and spiritual relief in recovery. Hiking, walking, biking, or just mindfully meandering can be a great way to experience mother nature but also give space to be present to yourself on the journey of healing

Any activity a person does in recovery can be beneficial from walking slowly to tai chi or anything in between. Gardening and being outside is low-impact and is a great skill to cultivate. Healthy eating and exercise go hand-in-hand. The healthier your diet, the better you will feel as you exercise and get your body back in shape in recovery. Staying clean is not just avoiding substances, it is about getting your overall health on track so you take care of yourself first. That balance will be key as you grow in recovery and seek a pathway of healing on the journey.


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