Will I Have Fun In Recovery?

We don’t think that there can be any life after recovery. Drugs and alcohol were everything to us. Substance were the way that we relaxed, the way that we enjoyed life, the way that we coped with stress- everything. Once drugs and alcohol are taken away we feel as though we may never be able to enjoy life again. There’s a science behind that.
Drugs and alcohol interact with the brain’s pleasure and reward systems. Overtime, the more drugs and alcohol we use the more reliant upon drugs and alcohol our brains become for pleasure. Drugs and alcohol produce copious amounts of a brain chemical called dopamine which communicates messages of pleasure all over the brain. Dopamine is a much liked chemical in the brain, so when it is produced in high quantities, the brain pays attention. When dopamine is produced in high quantities on a consistent basis, the brain starts to get confused, or what many people refer to as “highjacked”. The brain starts to think that dopamine is most important and that it needs to be stimulated by dopamine in those high amounts all of the time, which is when cravings and withdrawals start to set in. After the brain becomes reliant on dopamine production and dependent upon drugs and alcohol to produce the dopamine, it is addicted.
Post-addiction, people experience phases of depression. They aren’t typically depressed clinically but experiencing a lull in their production of dopamine. The small amounts of dopamine the brain is able to produce on its own don’t measure up to the high quantities of dopamine previously produced by substances. It takes time for the brain to heal, produce more dopamine on its own, and adjust to the levels of dopamine it is producing as pleasurable.
The simple answer is, yes, you will have fun in recovery because you can have fun in recovery. Once you get sober you have the entire world waiting for you to enjoy. It may take some time to learn how to enjoy things again and teach yourself that life without drugs and alcohol is actually quite enjoyable. Treatment programs like the men’s program at Oceanfront recovery incorporates hiking and local activities to help you connect with your life in a new way. You’ll make fond memories, good friends, and one day you’re going to wonder why you thought you needed drugs and alcohol in the first place.

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