5 Ways to Recover from Negative Feedback

Negative feedback can feel like a punch to the gut. Everyone experiences receiving feedback at some point that is less than positive and sometimes not even constructive. Here are five ways to receive negative feedback in a way that will help you recover more quickly and efficiently without letting it hang over your head.

5 Ways to Recover from Negative Feedback

Don’t Take it Personally

Boundaries are a great way to keep from taking other people’s critiques personally. When your boundaries are not clear or are quite vague, it can impact your relationships at work at in your personal life. Gain some perspective by defining boundaries.

Put Down Defenses

If you are feeling defensive, step back and assess what is causing the insecurity. You will always disappoint someone else and vice versa but it is normal to have a strong enough relationship to not let that affect your relationship. Let go of the fear of making mistakes-it happens.

Get Some Gratitude

When you develop an attitude of gratitude, your life will feel more joyful. It takes guts to say what’s on your mind and feel connected to inner peace and joy. While you may feel let down when someone criticizes you, don’t take it to heart. Take a positive frame of mind and focus on finding a solution.

Pay Attention

We learn from others all the time. It takes practice to do it in a way the other person will receive it. Think about how you can both deliver criticism and receive it in a way that is more palatable. Focus your attention on all the ways you can succeed and turn the criticism around to be constructive.

Try Forgiveness

Let go of self blame. Take a hard look at how you contribute to the situation and find healthy ways of making change. Obsessing about negative feedback is not healthy. Make a list of things you can do differently and go through the options. Seek forgiveness for lack of insight and ask others to help you see what you can to do improve.

Criticism by self and others can be hard to take but don’t let it derail your recovery. Oceanfront will help you build self-awareness and give you tools to cope with positive strategies for dealing with life’s challenges.

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