How Can Swimming Benefit My Core?

Keeping your body in shape and toned up may be one way you want to focus on getting exercise benefits from swimming. The other ways people benefit are from working the core and building a strong powerhouse midsection that keeps the back, neck, and other parts of the body feeling strong.

Why Swimming

Swimming and water workouts do wonders for people who are wanting to strengthen and tone their bodies in any time of life. The lower back and core are all interconnected. Strong muscles in the abdomen are critical to back health. Ab and back muscles keep you balanced and prevent you from slumping and having poor posture. The following exercises can help build a strong body, with some tips on how to get started.

Kickboard Kicks

The following exercise tips will help you find a way to do a simple swimming exercise if you are looking to start as a beginner:

  • Find a kickboard and get into the water where you have enough room to kick, usually in a lane pool. Arms outstretched, hold a kickboard in front of you and kick your feet
  • Imagine pulling navel to spine and away from the bottom of the pool
  • Travel the whole pool or until you feel tired and be sure you have ropes or somewhere to hold onto as you finish


This exercise is great for both abs and arms, especially in the water

  • From a standing position in water up to your neck, pull knees to chest
  • Lean back, extend and straighten both legs into a jackknife in front of you (or pike). This should look like a ‘V’ with your bottom pointing toward the floor of the pool
  • Hold the pose to tone your abs
  • Keep yourself afloat using arms, pushing them backwards in circles to tone the triceps
  • Repeat up to 10 times

Flutter Kick

This exercise is great to work muscles in the hips (flexors) and buttocks (gluteus muscles) and the core. When you feel comfortable in the water, you can do the exercise without a floatation device.

  • Hold onto the pool edge or use a floating device to keep afloat
  • Hang legs toward bottom of the pool
  • Scissor kick your feet front-to-back rapidly to keep you afloat
  • Point toes and keep legs straight as you kick
  • Repeat for as long as you can comfortably and safely

The key to getting into swimming exercises is to combine techniques with toning. Once you determine how far into a workout your stroke in the water breaks down when you fatigue, that’s how far you should set your first group of workouts. If you feel you are doing it wrong, you may need a rest break to make sure you maintain good posture throughout the exercises.

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