Learn How to Become a Transformational Decision Maker

Recovery is not all good times. Sometimes it is really, really hard. Completing treatment is awesome but your journey has just begun. With the twists and turns bound to come your way, it may feel frustrating or confusing. Learn how to become more pivotal in your own decision-making process to help transform the way you experience recovery.

Slow Down

Nobody expects you to have it all together right now. You just got out of treatment, you are early in recovery, you are working hard to stay focused. Whatever the case may be, learn to get the basics down first before you go charging off into the sunset, ready to take on the world. The world can wait while you learn to live sober.

  • Think through your options and don’t make rash decisions
  • Prepare as you would for a race: stretch, breathe and let yourself get into shape


List It

Think about your recovery plan. That is likely the start of list-making for you which will continue to be a good thing going forward. You need to have something to look at to see how your goals are coming along. Some tips to get started:

  • Don’t just mark things down, take time with each one
  • Write down the potential decisions and weigh benefits with challenges
  • Concentrate on your daily recovery plan to start with that list and stay focused


The Power of No

Failing to make a decision is, actually, making a decision. If you are just failing to make a decision then that is pure avoidance. Look at why this is hard and focus on building this into a strength. Decisions happen on a daily basis, even when we are not aware. Learn to say no when it matters (such as going against your recovery plan) but revisit your list with an advisor and discuss how to keep moving forward when no seems the best answer to life’s challenges.
Revisit and change your goals as often as necessary. Create some all-new goals for yourself that you may not have looked at in the recovery plan. Your recovery plan goes where you lead, so take ownership of this experience and make it work for you. Focus on making decisions that are positive and life-affirming and watch the transformation happen.
Your transformational growth is our goal. We will help you find your roadmap back from addiction to recovery and thriving. Our beautiful location with dedicated staff and premier programs will support your journey. Call 877-279-1777 to get more information.