Smiling Can Change Your Brain

If you have ever seen the holiday movie, “Elf,” you might remember a line that says “smiling’s my favorite!” Few people argue that smiling is bad for you because there are so many positive benefits to smiling. Even if it is not your favorite thing to do, it can greatly improve your mood and enhance your overall appearance to others. Here’s some other reasons you might want to consider smiling more often.

Why it Helps

Smiling is not just something you do on the outside. It also has benefits and advantages to your insides. A study from a university found that people who smile appear more likeable and courteous (even competent). Lifting facial muscles into a smile is contagious and if you smile, everyone in the room can feel it. Researchers at Uppsala University in Sweden concluded that frowning  when look at someone smiling is very difficult, if not impossible. It is more likely you will return a smile for a smile in most circumstances.

Brain Power

When you smile, the brain becomes aware that more activity is happening and tracks it. The more you smile, the more effective it is at breaking the brain’s natural tendency to think negatively. If smiling occurs often enough, it can rewire the brain to make positive patterns more often than negative ones. This can help rewire the brain for more positive patterning than negative ones. Some people believe you need to train your brain and mouth to smile more. This requires positive thinking in the brain to send signals to the mouth to smile as much as it does to physically smile, even if you are having a hard day or just don’t feel like it. When you shut out negativity, it boosts productivity and creativity, which allows for better performance at work and in life. The more you do it, the more you shift everything to be more positive in your life. Happiness is truly a work ethic.

A Life Saver

Smiling and happiness can really save your life. When you let go of tension long enough to smile, your cells let go of rigidity and start to relax. This can be a lifesaver as there have been cases where people go into remission from cancer after letting go of a big stress factor. Cells are more than just fortuitous arrangements of chemicals, they cooperate together to form how the body reacts to stimuli and how it handles incoming and outgoing messages. When you smile more, you send the signal to the body that you feel relaxed and at ease. This can have a positive impact on your overall mental and physical health and well-being. Smiling also signals to other people you are welcoming, friendly, and open for interaction. If you fake it, you may still get the same results, but it may not feel the same on the inside. You will find that at work people respond better if you smile more and your attention span and cognition improve when you exude confidence.

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