The Risks of HIV When Abusing Substances is Real: How to Cope with Recovery

The Risks of HIV When Abusing Substances is Real: How to Cope with Recovery

Drug and alcohol abuse are known to increase risk factors for many things. One of those is HIV, the virus that causes AIDS. when people misuse substances, their lifestyle choices shift and they make choices that put them at higher risk for contracting different things like HIV. A direct HIV risk factor may come from drug injection, needle exchanges, or other things where they transfer the disease. Find out how to deal with the risk of HIV and seek help for addiction recovery before this happens. 

Common Substances Linked to HIV Risk

HIV risk can be present with a variety of drugs. Some of the commonly used substances linked with HIV risk may include:

  • Alcohol: particularly risky when binge drinking, blacking out or taking drinks from strangers
  • Opioids: misuse of opioids increases the risk of infection due to needle sharing and risky sexual behavior
  • Meth: risky sexual behavior and it is a drug that may be injected, so needle sharing can be a concern with this type of drug
  • Crack cocaine: this drug specifically can lead to increased risky behaviors
  • Inhalants: use of inhalants like amyl nitrite is linked to risky sexual behaviors and HIV transmission

Reducing Risk of Infection

One of the best ways to avoid the contraction of HIV is to stop using drugs. If you cannot control drug use, it may be time to seek help. There are many ways it can be contracted, but people who put themselves at risk will struggle with the complications of this along with their addiction. Lowering risk by avoidance of drug use sounds good, but it is not always possible with someone who has an addiction. If you do inject drugs, the only way to stay clean is not sharing needles. This is no guarantee of anything else, however, because a person can still get really sick using drugs without contracting HIV. in order to avoid the repercussions of drug use, it is best to avoid using them altogether and seek help for addictive behaviors in treatment. 

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