Over the days, months, and years, LSD can become a life-altering drug that changes the way the brain works

What Are Some Complications of LSD Use?

Taking LSD may not seem like a bad idea to some people, but at the moment nothing seems like a bad idea (until it is). Over the days, months, and years, LSD can become a life-altering drug that changes the way the brain works. Changes to the neurotransmitters impact a person psychologically, which alters the way the person experiences reality and see things. Learn more about the complications of LSD use and how it changes the brain.

Psychedelic Drug

Known as a mood-altering drug, LSD is sold on the streets to people in tablet, liquid, and capsule form that has a mix of dangerous chemicals. People can have trips lasting 12 hours or longer. As the drug enters the brain, cells get jumbled and disrupted in the process which triggers hallucinations. Anyone using LSD will not be seeing reality and may hear or see things that don’t exist. This can easily put them in harm’s way but also increase side effects ranging from paranoia to despair to feelings of insanity. Physically, a person may experience hypertension, insomnia, or decreased appetite, to name a few. Someone who uses LSD may experience longer-term psychological symptoms. 

Brain Shifts

A huge complication of LSD use is recurring brain changes. People who use the drug may flashback and experience things that are not there. Hallucinogen-induced persisting perceptual disorder (HPPD) results when flashbacks persist and cause occupational impairment. Acid flashbacks are not understood but the scientific community has looked at how the brain responds to the presence of LSD and believes exposure may cause misfiring in the brain, along with how LSD changes the way the brain functions and perceives information. Some portion of LSD gets stored in the brain and body which is then released later. It is rare for a person to experience complications from one dose of LSD but psychosis is always possible.

Combining with Other Drugs

Hazardous complications that occur from LSD use can happen when combining substances. Amphetamines and LSD can energize a person but becomes dangerous since the person may cause injury to themselves or others as a result. Cocaine is a powerful stimulant when taken with LSD and may trigger hallucinations, paranoia, and delusional thinking. There are other drugs that interact with LSD in a negative way, but most people who use LSD need additional support and help for their recovery if they have been using a long time. It may cause mental health issues to arise which need to be dealt with in a treatment setting. 

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