What Are the Types of Designer Drugs to Watch Out for on the Market?

What Are the Types of Designer Drugs to Watch Out for on the Market?

Designer drugs are a certain type of narcotic created from synthetic chemicals to mirror the effects of other drugs. A little chemical modification can change the intensity and potency of the drugs, making them more addictive and dangerous than they were before. The rise of designer drugs is often due to chemicals being used and their sale on the black market. Find out more about the types of designer drugs popping up on the market and how to know if a loved one needs help with addiction to designer drugs


This drug is also known as Ecstasy, XTC, or “E”). the drug causes emotional and social effects. It is an amphetamine class of drugs. MDMA induces a sense of euphoria in people. The adverse side effects may include hypertension, cardiac issues, and hypothermia. People who use the drug struggle with anxiety and depression after using it. This may be referred to as ‘Tuesday Blues.’ 


A purer form of MDMA, this drug is supposed to come without any added ingredients. There is no standard for designer drugs, so it is hard to know what is exactly in a drug. It is also known as Ecstasy and can have detrimental effects on a person’s health over time. 

Bath Salts

Bath salts are known to contain pesticides and fungicides, along with other deadly chemicals. This is a dangerous drug that can put people at risk of death very quickly due to its potency. The goal of this drug was to mimic the effects of methamphetamine. Bath salt users can experience confusion, hallucination, and other serious side effects that impair judgment and behavior. 


Known as ‘K2’ or synthetic marijuana, Spice is made by soaking natural herbs in synthetic chemicals to produce a psychoactive high. These products are sold in various forms, but three ingredients in ‘spice’ have been outlawed because some people have experienced paranoia, anxiety, and hallucinations as a result of use. 


Krokodil is an addictive designer drug that contains Deosmorphine and other ingredients that produce a high similar to heroin. Krokodil shows up as containing paint-thinner in its list of ingredients, but it may contain other lethal chemicals, as well. The drug produces effects on the body like that of a crocodile, including dark, rough patches of skin. Prolonged use of the drug rots the skin and organs, leading to amputations and even death.

Drug use is shifting all the time from prescription opioids to street drugs and designer ones available on the black market. Every year, new forms of synthetic drugs reach the street. While teens and young adults may use them, most parents are not aware of these drugs. Older adults are also using them when their other drugs of choice are too expensive or not available. Being aware of sudden changes in behavior can signal something is wrong. Communication is key to awareness and making sure loved ones are not at risk or a danger to themselves or others.

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