What Does Evidenced-Based Practice Mean for Treatment?

Utilizing evidenced-based practice for treatment is an approach that is gaining popularity. Evidence-Based Practice, also known as EBP, utilizes scientific evidence, expert opinions, and clinical expertise paired with client perspectives to offer high quality care that is designed for the unique needs and desires of the individual being served.
Treatment providers have access to the EBP Substance Abuse database. It’s a resource designed to answer questions for treatment providers about which treatment options are science based and would be the best match for the patient. In order to be included in the database treatment must have proven efficacy and be peer reviewed.
When you think about buying a car, the first thing you think to do is research. You don’t want to rely on the validity of the marketing information from a car manufacturer. You don’t want to rely on your best friend’s opinion. You want data from third parties who give unbiased information about the car you’re looking at based on research. You want to know the safety ratings, the gas mileage, and true cost of ownership. You use the massive amount of information available on the internet to make informed choices. The EBP Substance Abuse database gives you fact based information regarding substance abuse treatment.
The primary benefit to evidence-based practice is that it’s based in research that is reproducible and has been scientifically validated. Despite the benefits of using the EBP, it’s not currently common for treatment of substance abuse disorders. Since the database does not adhere to one path of treatment, evidence-based practices may diverge from the current practices of some treatment centers.
Treatment centers without professional ethics find differing methodology difficult to implement. Training may be an obstacle. Philosophical differences may also be a hinderance. These challenges can stop organizations from implementing new treatment practices, preferring to stick to the old way of doing things. Conversely, in legitimate treatment centers, every modality offered has been tested. They have taken the time to research and implement scientifically validated treatment approaches.

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