What Should I Know About These 6 Dangerous Drugs?

What Should I Know About These 6 Dangerous Drugs?

Hundreds of dangerous drugs in the world are lurking but people who are addicted may not realize their dangers. You can maybe name a few off the top of your head but some of the following can be surprising to people. If you familiarize yourself with them, you will get to know the effects so that if a loved one is struggling you can identify their need for help.

Foxy Methoxy

This drug is also known as DiPT. Foxy Methoxy is a hallucinogenic drug known for its psychoactive effects that not only cause people to see things that are not there but also to hear, see, feel, and taste things that only dwell in the imagination. A lack of studies that pertain to this drug make it hard to know the source and purity of any sample. It is one of many synthetic substances on the market, scheduled as a Schedule I drug with no medical benefits.


This drug is known as Arabian Tea, Qat, and Quaad. This drug influences many different behaviors, including violence. It is common in the Middle East where people chew or consume it in liquid form. Many people ingest it in the morning before work or a test to boost energy and focus. Others believe it might be dangerous but people who are terrorists also use it on their missions to harm people. Terrorist groups profit from the manufacture, traffick and sell Khat.


Also known as Bromo-DragonFLY, it is from a drug family that manipulates serotonin to produce hallucinogenic feelings and visuals. Dragonfly earned a street name because its chemical structure resembles a dragonfly’s wing. The difference is how long it lasts. It is very potent and even a small dose can leave you in an altered state for several days. Seizures, confusion, heart problems, and death have occurred. Dragonfly has earned a reputation in the community for being dangerous, even scary.

Benzo Fury

More recently introduced, it is sold with labels similar to K2. This drug is similar to MDMA in hallucinogenic effects that last up to 14 hours. Incidents of overdose of the drug have been reported, resulting in self-harm and hospitalization. When mixed with other drugs like alcohol, it can be quite dangerous.


Known as the perfect substance for ‘easy crimes,’ this drug is powder derived from trees in Colombia, Ecuador, and Venezuela. This drug eliminates free will, leaving people who take it conscious but their actions are controlled by someone else. They are usually not in control of their minds and bodies and without memory of the incident. This can make it easy for people to be taken advantage of where this drug is used.


Also known as ‘Krok,’ this drug is cheaper than heroin but is similar in how people respond to it. It is beginning to appear everywhere in the world. The drug is named after crocodiles because of the leathery, ripped up skin at the injection site looks like reptile skin. This comes with deadly chemicals that rot skin inside out. It is infamous for causing chunks of flesh to fall off around injection sites.

These drugs are not the only dangerous ones out there. They are more dangerous than most but

are nonetheless addictive and able to cause harm to those who use them. People who are addicted should seek medical attention and treatment for addiction recovery to find support for healing.

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