Yes, You Might Miss Your Addiction (No, You Don’t Have to Tolerate It)

Yes, You Might Miss Your Addiction (No, You Don’t Have to Tolerate It)

The first months of recovery are never easy. There is a focus on progress and even the feeling of changes going on. When this finally stops, it seems you are working towards rebuilding trust with loved ones and things are coming together (finally). You are allowed to miss your addiction. For a little while at least, this is part of the grieving process. However, it is not healthy to glamourize a part of your journey that took away so much from you and loved ones. It is healthier to focus on recovery and what you can do to heal. 

Letting Go

Addiction is an illness that decreases motivation over time. There is nothing much to do. Nostalgia for drugs is more than people realize and is part of the chronic nature of the disease. A good way to manage this is to prevent yourself from allowing nostalgia to creep back into your mind in the first place. This means focusing on a holistic picture of what is going on. It begs to ask the question of what is being done to nourish the mind, body, and soul. It means looking at how you were feeling and maybe who you are and what your passion is in life. Even with things that happen, detours and all, letting go is really the best way to get over a negative experience.

Get Support

Don’t dwell on the past and think about it so much. Having people around who have been there and understand can be powerful. They will support your efforts to stay clean and sober. It can help prevent nostalgia that leads to relapse. Support includes your sponsor, groups, family, friends, and loved ones. A good network never lets you feel more nostalgic about what was not healthy.


With an attitude of gratitude, you can stop romanticizing the past and think about your future. You may have difficulty identifying things you’re grateful for in your life, but you can remind yourself how bad things were before quitting. Keep reminding yourself as often as needed until perspective shifts. 

Seek Professional Help

The best way to get past what is difficult is to seek professional help. This helps lower incidents of anxiety, depression, and relapse. Increased urges to use alcohol are also difficult. If you want to get and stay better, addressing these issues is critical to success. Finding the right help for your specific issues will help you navigate the journey in a healthy way and stay away from the negative influences that might try to derail your recovery. 

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